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Assignment: Perimeters with Fractions Investigation

Dakota’s parents are creating her practice ballet studio and want to install baseboards around the perimeter of the rectangular room with sides measuring 13 feet 8 inches and 12 feet 3 inches. 

1. Estimate the perimeter of the room and explain how you got the estimate.

2. Write the dimensions of the room as mixed numbers. Remember 1 foot = 12 inches. What does the fractional part of each mixed number represent?

3. Find the perimeter of the room. Show your work.

4. How does your result from part 3 compare to your estimate in part 1?

5. The baseboard will not go across the doorway of the room which is 2 ¼ feet wide.

a.  Taking into account the doorway, calculate the new length of baseboard needed for the room.

b.  The hardware store sells the baseboards in 8 foot lengths.  How many boards need to be purchased to install new baseboards in the room?


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