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  • What Is Good Training?


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Choose one of the following questions.

Question 1:

You have been promoted as a senior consultant in a very successful training company. Your supervisor, a partner in the firm, darkens your office door with an opportunity. A company needs help. It is getting into a new line of manufacturing and needs a high-caliber SME to evaluate its employees for any KSAO’s that may need remedies. Explain how you would determine whether employees have the reading level necessary to succeed in a training program.

Question 2:

As a highly respected team member in the HR department, your boss asks whether you have time to go talk with the new manager of a sales and marketing operation named Ms. Spring Freeze regarding a training situation. After considerable discussion with the lady, she says, “Why do I need to tell you what type of learning capability I’m interested in? I just want a training program to teach employees how to render a good customer service.” Please explain to Ms. Spring Freeze how “good customer service” can be translated into different learning outcomes.

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