6 page paper on DNA analysis in forensic science

Attatched below is a picture of the requirements for the assignment, Needs to be 6 pages APA format on DNA analysis. At least 6 pages of text in length (6-8 pages total)

 12-point font

 1.5 line spacing, 1 inch margins at most

 Clear introduction, body, and conclusion

 Sources start on page 7 (not included in the 6-page length requirement)

 Cited sources in text in APA format (see Canvas for guide) This is a research paper – there should

be no quotes within the body of the paper. All information that you obtain from your

references should be reworded using your own words as well as cited within the body of the

paper. Failure to properly cite within the body of the paper (giving credit to the authors of your

references) will result in a grade deduction of 20% (4 points)!

 10 total sources minimum: At least 5 need to come from peer reviewed science journals

 Cited sources (Works cited) in APA format (see Canvas for guide)

 Submit paper as a Word Document to Canvas

Preparation assignments are due on their corresponding dates on the syllabus by 11:59 pm

Paper Topic Submission

 The topic for your research paper can be your choice of any subfield technique in forensic

science about which you would like to know more. For example: DNA analysis, blood spatter;

etc. Analyze the technique and determine what it can and cannot tell about evidence at a crime

scene. What is the role of this technology in forensic science, and where does it fit the broader

criminal justice system? What is the history of the origin and development of this technique.

This will be graded using the assigned rubric. Topics must be approved by the instructor.

 Submit to Canvas your paper topic as a Word Document.

 This topic MUST be approved by the instructor


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