a short blog post for social media marketing class

1. As a group, identify a topic or theme you all feel passionate, or at least, are relatively knowledgeable about. For example, you can think of themes such as beauty, fashion, digital marketing, travel, puppies. Please do NOT choose a seasonal topic; that is, a topic that won’t be relevant a month from now.

THEME that I chose is: DISNEYLAND for college students

2. Describe the target market for your blog. Include demographic information and interests

Target market are young adults, college students.

3. Having your theme and target market in mind, come up with topics for your blog posts. Most importantly, when deciding on a topic to write about, think about your audience and the questions they may need answers for.

TOPIC is: Top 3 must see disney shows

4. Make sure you optimize each one of your blog posts for some keywords. Ideally, you want to optimize your posts for high search volume, low competition keywords. Remember that keywords describe what Internet users want to find when they perform a search. To do keyword research, you can use free tools such as those listed in this link: https://techskhan.com/google-keyword-planner-alternative/. Note that keyword research may be helpful to identify blog topics as well. At the end of the day, you want to write about what people are searching for!

5. Blog post should be NO MORE than 500 words and be optimized for one or more keywords. Make sure to reference the articles and pictures in your blog post. You will need to have at least 2 hyperlinks to articles or videos in your blog post. Make sure your post are professionally written, grammar and spelling are key.


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