Read Online Grocers: The First Frontier for Peapod; the Final Frontier for Amazon on pages 213 – 214 of the textbook, Reynolds, G.W. (2016). Information technology for managers (2nd ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. After reading the case, write a 2-page analysis answering the following questions:

  1. Perform a SWOT analysis for Peapod and Amazon. How does Peapod’s strategy differ from Amazon’s?
  2. Are Peapod and Amazon targeting the same customer base? Which customers is each company attracting and maintaining?
  3. Both companies have implemented a mobile strategy. Describe the best practices in implementing a mobile strategy.
  4. Location-based services are the next big thing for the mobile industry. Describe their value to both businesses and mobile device users, as well as potential issues that may arise.

Please be sure to follow the APA style format in your writing, making sure that your answer is well supported using material from the book or any additional sources. Use at least five references in your paper and cite them properly. If material from any source (including the assigned case or book) is used, these references should be specified using the APA format. The font should be 12-point Times New Roman. The margins should be 1 inch all around. The line spacing should be single spaced with no spacing between paragraphs. Your work should be original as it would be checked for plagiarism.


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