act201 wk 2 hwk

ACCT&201 Week 2 Homework:

1. Select the financial statement that matches with the description (Related transactions)

Related transactionsFinancial Statementsa.Change in owners’ claims to resourcesb.Profitability of the companyc.Change in cash as a result of operating, investing, and financing activitiesd.Resources equal creditors’ and owners’ claims to those resources

2. At the beginning of the year (January 1), Buffalo Drilling has $11,000 of common stock outstanding and retained earnings of $8,200. During the year, Buffalo reports net income of $8,500 and pays dividends of $3,200. In addition, Buffalo issues additional common stock for $8,000.   


Prepare the statement of stockholders’ equity at the end of the year (December 31).

BUFFALO DRILLINGStatement of Stockholders’ EquityCommon StockRetained EarningsTotal Stockholders’ EquityBeginning balanceEnding balance

3. Wolfpack Construction has the following account balances at the end of the year.   

  Accounts payable 3,000 
  Salaries expense 33,000 
  Common stock 11,000 
  Land 18,000 
  Notes payable 20,000 
  Service revenue 39,000 
  Cash 6,000 
  Retained earnings ? 


Use only the appropriate accounts to prepare a balance sheet.

WOLFPACK CONSTRUCTIONBalance SheetAssetsLiabilitiesTotal liabilities0Stockholders’ EquityTotal stockholders’ equity0Total assets$0Total liabilities and stockholders’ equity$0

4. Longhorn Corporation provides low-cost food delivery services to senior citizens. At the end of the year, the company reports the following amounts:  

  Cash$1,200 Service revenue$67,700 
  Equipment 29,000 Cost of goods sold (food expense) 53,400 
  Accounts payable 4,400 Buildings 40,000 
  Delivery expense 2,600 Supplies 3,400 
  Salaries expense 5,500 Salaries payable 800 

In addition, the company had common stock of $40,000 at the beginning of the year and issued an additional $4,000 during the year. The company also had retained earnings of $18,200 at the beginning of the year.

Show your work

1. Prepare the income statement for Longhorn Corporation.

LONGHORN CORPORATIONIncome StatementExpenses:Total expenses0

2. Prepare the statement of stockholders’ equity for Longhorn Corporation.

LONGHORN CORPORATIONStatement of Stockholders’ EquityCommon StockRetained EarningsTotal Stockholders’ EquityBeginning balanceEnding balance

5. Below are incomplete financial statements for Bulldog, Inc.  Required:

Calculate the missing amounts.

BULLDOG, INC.Income StatementRevenues$39,000Expenses:SalariesAdvertising6,000Utilities4,000Net income
BULLDOG, INC.Statement of Stockholders’ EquityCommon StockRetained EarningsTotal Stockholders’ EquityBeginning balance$10,000$7,000$17,000Issuances1,1001,100Add: Net incomeLess: Dividends(3,000)(3,000)Ending balance$11,100$10,000$21,100
BULLDOG, INC.Balance SheetAssetsLiabilitiesCash$4,000Accounts payableWrite in hereAccounts receivable3,000Stockholders’ EquitySupplies9,000Common stockWrite in hereEquipment10,000Retained earningsWrite in hereTotal assets$26,000Total liabilities and stockholders’ equityWrite answer in here

6. Cornhusker Company provides the following information at the end of 2018.    

  Cash remaining$4,800 
  Rent expense for the year 7,000 
  Land that has been purchased 21,000 
  Retained earnings 12,400 
  Utility expense for the year 4,900 
  Accounts receivable from customers 7,200 
  Service revenue earned during the year 37,000 
  Salary expense for the year 13,300 
  Accounts payable to suppliers 2,200 
  Dividends paid to shareholders during the year 3,200 
  Common stock that has been issued prior to 2018 16,000 
  Salaries owed at the end of the year 2,400 
  Insurance expense for the year 3,500 

No common stock is issued during 2018, and the balance of retained earnings at the beginning of 2018 equals $7,300.


1. Prepare the income statement for Cornhusker Company on December 31, 2018.

CORNHUSKER COMPANYIncome StatementFor the year ended December 31, 2018Expenses:Total expenses

2. Prepare the statement of stockholders’ equity for Cornhusker Company on December 31, 2018.

CORNHUSKER COMPANYStatement of Stockholders’ EquityFor the year ended December 31, 2018Common StockRetained EarningsTotal Stockholders’ EquityBeginning balanceEnding balance

3. Prepare the balance sheet for Cornhusker Company on December 31, 2018.

CORNHUSKER COMPANYBalance SheetDecember 31, 2018AssetsLiabilitiesTotal liabilitiesStockholders’ EquityTotal stockholders’ equityTotal assetsTotal liabilities and stockholders’ equity

7. The four underlying assumptions of generally accepted accounting principles are economic entity, monetary unit, periodicity, and going concern. Consider the four independent situations below.  

1. Jumbo’s is a local restaurant. Due to a bad shipment of potatoes, several of the company’s customers become ill, and the company receives considerable bad publicity. Revenues are way down, several of its bills are past due, and the company is making plans to close the restaurant at the end of the month. The company continues to report its assets in the balance sheet at historical (original) cost.  

2. Gorloks Tax Services is owned and operated by Sam Martin. The company has the usual business assets: land, building, cash, equipment, and supplies. In addition, Sam decides to buy a boat for him and his family to enjoy on the weekends. Sam includes the boat as an asset on the balance sheet of Gorloks Tax Services.  

3. Claim Jumpers International, a U.S.-based company, has operations in the United States and in Europe. For the current year, the company purchased two trucks in the United States for $10,000 and three trucks in Europe for €20,000 (euros). Because of the differences in currencies, the company reported “Five Trucks” with no corresponding amount in the balance sheet.  

4. Cobbers Etc. sells specialty music equipment ranging from African bongo drums to grand pianos. Because of the fluctuating nature of the business, management decides to publish financial statements only when a substantial amount of activity has taken place. Its last set of financial statements covered a period of 14 months, and the set of financial statements before that covered a period of 18 months.  


For each situation, select which of the underlying assumptions of GAAP is violated.   

SituationAssumption Violated1.2.3.4.

Chap 2.

1. Suppose a local company has the following balance sheet accounts. Calculate the missing amounts assuming the business has total assets of $37,500.

AccountsBalancesLand$9,000EquipmentSalaries Payable4,300Notes PayableSupplies2,100Cash7,200Stockholders’ Equity13,500Accounts Payable1,700Prepaid Rent3,200

2. Boilermaker House Painting Company incurs the following transactions for September.


For each transaction, describe the dual effect on the accounting equation. For example, for the first transaction, (1) assets increase and (2) stockholders’ equity increases.   

TransactionsDual Effect1.Paint houses in the current month for $15,000 on account.Assets increase and stockholders’ equity increases.2.Purchase painting equipment for $16,000 cash.3.Purchase office supplies on account for $2,500.4.Pay employee salaries of $3,200 for the current month.5.Purchase advertising to appear in the current month, $1,200.6.Pay office rent of $4,400 for the current month.7.Receive $10,000 from customers in (1) above.8.Receive cash of $5,000 in advance from a customer who plans to have his house painted in the following month.

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