An organizational problem

Begin by identifying an organizational problem within your own workplace healthcare setting or a hypothetical healthcare organization. If you chose a problem in your workplace, be sure to utilize data from that healthcare organization; if you have created a hypothetical healthcare organization you may use a public domain database with instructor permission.
I. What is the organizational problem?
A. Provide a contextual basis for the organizational problem that you have chosen. How does this problem fail to meet quality on other regulatory requirements?
B. Articulate organizational challenges posed by the problem(eg; interdepartmental conflicts, communication failure, budgeting issues).
II. Evidence- Based Support
A. Provide data that supports the existence of the problem. You may utilize public sources to find data related to your selected problem.
B. How has this problem been addressed in the past? What information management systems or patient care technologies have been utilized when addressing this problem? Be sure to use peer reviewed literature to support your answer.
C. Discuss relevant accreditation standards safety standards, compliance standards,a nd quality initiatives. how do these standards promote a culture of safety within the department? Be sure to cite the appropriate standards within your answers.

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