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As I reviewed your post and that of your peer’s, there is an emerging thought process and I would like to upend that thought process. While the number of hours Mr. Smith works is a clear indication that he works part time and typically, individuals employed part-time in our Country do not have employer issued insurance, there is a growing number of individuals who have elected to forego a typical “insurance plan” for a la carte healthcare coverage.

With this in mind, are there any other characteristics that lends toward your belief that Mr. Smith fit the mold of an uninsured person?

Hospital reimbursement as well as physician reimbursement are both topics in healthcare that have yet to receive little consensus on the best algorithm to ensure hospitals are not receiving less than needed to operate and reimbursement rates are appropriate for the level of care provided to patients by clinicians. You stated that “in the event that he lives below the poverty level where he cannot afford to pay the medical bill at all, his bills may be written off as charity care.” In the event hospitals amass a large “charity care” line item on the income statement, what recourse, other than closing, will the hospital have to offset their charity care line item?

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