answer these tow questions about this station

“Redesigning Sarah’s Job”

After graduating from business school, Sarah received a job offer from a large accounting firm to work as a junior auditor. She was ranked in the top ten in her class and could not have been happier. After six months on the job, however, Sarah is feeling unmotivated and is beginning to reconsider her decision to join a large firm. Here is how she describes her job:

Every day her supervisor brings her several files to audit. He tells her in what order to do them and how to plan her day and work. At the end of the day, he returns to pick up the completed files. Her supervisor collects files from several other junior auditors, consolidates the information, and writes the audit report. He then meets with the client to review and discuss the audit.

  1. Analyze Sarah’s job with respect to the five core job dimensions.
  2. What are two specific changes you could suggest to redesign Sarah’s job? Briefly explain how each of your suggestions improves one or more of the specific job dimensions.

Two well-written paragraphs (one for each question above) should be sufficient for completing this assignment. Please write in complete sentences and number your answers


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