art assignment 7


Color Theory class **** Students will demonstrate their understanding of color theory principles and grasp of terminology by completing 3 one-page, 1.5 spaced critical reviews of works of art. Each review will reflect on a single work of art, identifying the artist’s use of color and how it impacts the overall read of the work. These reviews should exhibit accurate use of color theory terminology and reflect the author’s point of view on the success of the work. The student may select 3 different works by the same artist or a variety of works from different artists. The primary focus of the critical analysis should be on the use of color but may be supplemented by reviewing other principles and elements of design.

*** terms used:

  • additive color
  • subtractive color
  • luminosity
  • hue
  • saturation
  • value
  • tint
  • shade
  • prismatic color
  • muted color
  • chromatic gray
  • achromatic gray
  • keyed
  • monochromatic
  • analogous
  • complementary
  • triadic
  • tetrad
  • harmony
  • bridge tones
  • dot inventory
  • afterimage
  • simultaneous contrast
  • optical mixing
  • tonal progression
  • median transparency
  • dark transparency
  • retinal painting
  • proportional color inventory
  • non-proportional color inventory
  • color symbolism


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