ASAP- 2 -3 paragraphs Cognitive Development in Animals

    Cognitive Development in Animals Washoe  is one of the most famous chimpanzees because of her ability to use sign  language to communicate. She was able to communicate approximately 350 words  and was even observed teaching her son sign language. Even more impressive was  that Washoe was able to combine these words into hundreds of logical  combinations with different meanings that were not taught, but rather created by  herself. You can learn more about human cognitive development by considering  Washoes use of sign language, as well as the information gained from the study  of other animals such as chimps, rats, etc. Respond  to the following: Specifically,  what can we learn about human cognitive development through the study of these  animals? are there any ethical issues that arise from using animals to study  human development? Consider what you have learned about the inherent  differences between animals and humans. Why  do researchers make use of animals instead of humans for their experiments on  development? Write your initial response in 2- 3 paragraphs.  Apply APA standards to citation of sources.


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