Biology/Research Ethics: How Human is too Human?

1. Here is the full question: “How human is too human? A laboratory at Harvard has developed techniques for producing (what it calls) “synthetic human entities with embryo like features” (SHEEFs). (See April 19 reading “A New Form of Stem-Cell Engineering Raises Ethical Questions.”) It has asked for help in determining how to evaluate what sort of SHEEFs are ethically acceptable to construct for experimental purposes. Give the researchers guidance by (1) Offering guidance about what sorts of perspectives (scientific, religious, philosophical, etc.) should inform ethical evaluation of experiments; (2) a discussion of what form these should take— e.g. a standard like the 14 day rule or the definition of death; empowering experts to decided which experiments acceptable where rules will evolve with research, as with recombinant DNA; general principles like the Belmont principles that are used to evaluate each experiement; or individual choice, leaving decisions to individual researchers or laboratories). Finally, (3) offer one or a few recommendations about some feature(s) of humanness should be taken into consideration in setting guidelines or limits, supported with well reasoned arguments.”

2.) The above question has to be answered in a minimum of 750 word.

3.) Here is a link to all of the semester lecture slides/required readings throughout the semester:…

4.) Lastly, there is no format needed (e.g. MLA, APA, etc.) all you have to do is answer the question with the link I gave you above. There can be no outside resource or references. Only material from the class.

Thank you so much for taking the time to looking at this assignment. I look forward to meeting the person that wishes to help me!

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