bus 500 leadership final paper

Write and develop an APA formatted, 4 to 6-page paper that includes:

● Introduction

● Explanation of the three to four of the most important leadership concepts you have learned in this course. Use examples from your own experience and use research along with in-text citations that provide a foundation of validity to your analysis.

● A detailed personal Leadership Improvement plan. Identify the key elements of your plan to strengthen your practice of leadership (e.g., what, when, how, resources, and so forth).

● Conclusion

the book link for this course is


I work in cosmetic retail store, i am a sales lady, please relate to my job.. thank you

under the document place, the PowerPoint is the one that i have created. there are couple leadership concepts that i choose can relate to the paper. the other two doc are sample paper that the teacher has provided us to follow.


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