Bus220 Colorado State IT Business Dilemma Case Analysis

Hannah, a software engineer, just started her own company that provides tailored software solutions for smaller businesses. The company’s mission is to provide custom IT solutions while emphasizing affordability, quality, and data security. The company is still small. Hannah has few customers and every job matters to her. One new customer, a local bank, has asked Hannah to develop the software and web-pages for its online banking. Hannah had suggested several options, ranging from basic to more sophisticated solutions. However, at a meeting with bank executives Hannah learned that the bank wants to have an online banking system that is even more reduced than the basic option she had offered. Hannah expressed concerns about this idea because, in her professional judgment, the reduced solution would result in significant risks regarding data security for the users of the online banking. The bank, however, insists on the reduced solution for reasons of cost efficiency, and asks Hannah to develop and implement it. Hannah is wondering whether she should implement the reduced solution or reject the job?


  1. What would be the ethically better decision? Apply the utilitarian method, CI method A, and virtue method A, to analyse the case and provide a recommendation.
  2. What would be the better business decision considering typical economic criteria, such as profitability, viability, competitiveness, and growth?


  • Word count: about 1000 – 1500 words
  • You can provide a chart for the utilitarian argument, but you still need to explain you chart/evaluations
  • Make sure you properly apply all three ethical methods in your analysis. We do not grade the outcome but rather the accurate application of the methods.
  • For evaluation criteria please see the rubric posted in the module ‘class info’


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