business class 27

write 250 words and a minimum of 3 scholarly sources

Let’s take our learning to the next level and start seeing ourselves as management here for this discussion. Remember that you are studying to become a Manager, Supervisor, Business Owner, Executive, etc. one day, so let’s start thinking like one. For this discussion, I will need you to block out all of your personal views about your organization and

thinking from a management point of view. Do not use any real names in this discussion or any future discussion as you complete your journey here at Bethel. Always use fictitious names when writing about your organization (Like ‘Law & Order’). The question is, based on your organization or one you may be familiar with. There is an expectation of ethical decision making and behavior that all managers must-have in order to be successful. Out of the six ethical behaviors in your reading, which two do you relate with and why? Why do managers struggle with ethics when it comes to making strategic management decisions for their organization?


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