business information technology for strategic purposes

Can someone please help me with this 200 word article

There are many examples of businesses using IT for strategic purposes. Please do some research and tell us about a company that used some form of information technology for STRATEGIC purposes.  Please be sure to tell us what the strategy was that they were working toward.  Include APA formatting and references

Example of needed work:


I think Apple is one of the largest businesses that uses information technology for stategic purposes. From iPads, iMacs, iPods, Mac Books, and iPhones, there’s a slim chance that Apple will be slowing down anytime sooner. With all the different iOs updates, these products attract loyal customers worldwide. One of the biggest features of these devices is the ability to share media from all the different devices. iCloud is one of the best features that I have ever witnessed with a product. The numerous apps that Apple has is phenomenon. The recent feature on the new iPhone which is the camera is one of best to come. I enjoy being able to take good images at a good distance with good lightning and without my pictures being blurry due to me shaking as I capture a picture. The amount of resoures and marketing that Apple has makes it the #1 brand in the world. Just the Apple symbol has a name for itself. Apple will be here for years and will only advance in my opinion due to the revenue, its efficient use in everyday life and expanding markets in foreign countries which is Apple’s strategic purpose for further advancement.


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