case studies and compare between them

methodology in general for the case studies – Introduction for the case study – location for the case study –description of the buildings

2 Case study of each sense (smell, hearing, visual, taste, touch) and compare between them and also please use photos


1-Connection to nature

2-Natural light and natural ventilation

3-Sense of place

4-Use building material and the style

5-The color scheme of building should reflect the sensory mood

6-Reflection of smell and taste

You can use these case study and find another to compare

Hazelwood School (touch)

Maggie’s Cancer Centre Manchester (visual)

Architects Diller Scofidio + Renfro design the ’Art of Scent’ show at MAD, NY (for smell)

And find 2 case study for taste and hearing

Don’t use winery castle

And no plagiarism


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