case study 1495

Dr. Bob has received a referral to see a 9-year-old girl named Tiffany who is exhibiting difficulty sleeping, significant separation anxiety from her mother, difficulty concentrating in school, and a recent decline in her grades.

Dr. Bob met with Tiffany’s mother, Mrs. Banks, for the intake session prior to his first session with Tiffany. Mrs. Banks informed Dr. Bob that she and Tiffany’s dad divorced two years ago. They share custody; Tiffany spends one week with her mother, then one with her father. Mrs. Banks believes that Tiffany’s problems began about six months ago, around the time that Tiffany’s father started seeing his current girlfriend. She is worried that the new girlfriend is competing with Tiffany for her father’s attention.

After several weekly appointments, Tiffany began to open up to Dr. Bob. She told Dr. Bob that her father’s new girlfriend is really mean to her when her father is not around. She yells at her and sends her to her room—often for no reason. The new girlfriend has told Tiffany that she is going to marry her father and then things will really be different. Tiffany says that when her father is around, the new girlfriend acts really nice to her so her father does not know there is a problem.

One week, Tiffany came in and told Dr. Bob that her father’s girlfriend slapped her while her father was out of the house. Dr. Bob subsequently shared the information that the girlfriend had struck Tiffany with Tiffany’s mother.

A few weeks later, Dr. Bob received a call from an attorney representing Tiffany’s mother. Mrs. Banks has decided that she is going back to court to sue for full custody of Tiffany. The lawyer informs you that he will be subpoenaing all of your records regarding your sessions with Tiffany and will be asking you to testify in the hope that you will provide support for the need for a change in custody.


  • Attach your Unit 9 Case Study draft to the discussion area for peer review.
  • Choose at least one peer’s case study to review.
    • To allow your peers time to review your feedback and incorporate it into their case studies should they choose to do so, try to get your feedback returned by Tuesday of next week.
      • If you are cannot accommodate this time frame, please communicate with your instructor. You should also be working on your final draft before receiving group feedback.
  • During this process, you will receive feedback on your case study from your peers and instructor to help you with the final version due in Unit 9.


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