Compare or contrast riding a roller coaster to loving somebody. –

Compare or contrast riding a roller coaster to loving somebody.
Write a five paragraph essay (700 word minimum) in which you compare or contrast a pair of the topics you select from the Comparison/Contrast Topics List.
You will analyze your topics and focus on three key elements or criteria as points of comparison or contrast. In your thesis and especially in your conclusion, make an assertion about the superiority of or preference for one of the two topics.
Following the structure of comparison or contrast writing, you should use transitions of contrast or comparison between the two works.
You are combining the modes of evaluation, illustration, comparison/ contrast, and persuasion.
Third-person objective voice, with persuasive tone favoring one subject over the other
Introduction: In your introductory paragraph, briefly introduce your two topics. Then establish the criteria you will be using to judge. You will want to preview the three criteria within your thesis as the main points you will cover in each of your three body paragraphs. Make sure to use Parallel Structure as you preview the three areas for development.
Restate the criteria set forth within your thesis in the topic sentences for your three body paragraphs. Give specific examples and details to fully develop those body paragraphs. Keep each body paragraph focused on the assertion you make within your thesis!
Body: Inside each of the body paragraphs, use a variety of connectors or transitions instead of simply repeating “on the other hand”. Work on sentence structure and sentence combining to avoid repetition. Also, re-read your paragraphs. When you finish a paragraph, go back and re-read it. You’ll notice how often you use “but” or “on the other hand”; try to use other devices. A variety of transitions is very important in the structure of balanced comparison/contrast essay.
Conclusion: Do not introduce new ideas in the conclusion. In the conclusion you should summarize and evaluate the main points of your essay with a heightened appeal for your assertion as your re-emphasize the importance of your thesis.


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