create a 10 20 slide presentation that demonstrates how you would present and deliver your project to your intended audience

Create a 10-20 slide presentation (with speech for me to record) that demonstrates how you would present and deliver your capstone project to your intended audience. Your presentation should be persuasive, use visual and graphical elements, and demonstrate professional speaking and presentation techniques. (Scoring guide attached for reference)


Often in a business environment you will be asked to give a presentation of your knowledge, research, or plan to a group of stakeholders. In this assessment, you will present your capstone project. Imagine that your audience is a leader in the organization or industry that you chose, that they have not read your paper, and that you need to present the highlights to them in less than 10 minutes. This presentation should contain all of the main elements found in your paper and incorporate appropriate charts or graphics, as well as cite academic and business resources appropriately.

Assessment Description

Prepare and record a short presentation of your capstone project. Ensure that your presentation meets these expectations:

  • Create a persuasive presentation using techniques to make a compelling business case and recommendations.
  • Apply visual and graphic elements effectively to support the business case and recommendations.
  • Apply professional speaking and presentation techniques for telling the business story that connects with the audience.
  • Write in a style that is appropriate for presenting in a professional setting and appropriate for your intended audience.
  • Add your commentary in the speaker’s notes area for each slide. This provides additional context to your slides, and it will be very efficient to have the speaker’s notes ready when you record the audio.
  • Use design techniques that enhance your message and information.
  • Your presentation should include charts, graphs, or any illustrative evidence that supports the business case you made in the written part of your project.
  • If you use existing charts or graphs, remember to credit the source using proper APA format for citations and references; for instance, figures should have in-text citations after their titles.
  • Your presentation must include slides with a recorded audio of you delivering your presentation to your intended audience.
  • Use best practices of professional speaking and presenting to achieve a strong presentation.

Submission Requirements

  • Communication: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, respectful, and consistent with expectations for professional practice. Original work and critical thinking are required. Your presentation must be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • Media presentation: Your presentation of your capstone paper should have presentation slides with audio recording of how you would present to your intended audience. Your presentation should be minimum of 10 slides and maximum of 20 slides, and should not exceed 8 minutes. Add speaker’s notes or a transcript to ensure accessibility for everyone.
  • Resources: Include citations at the end of the presentation. Remember to cite your sources for graphics and visuals used.
  • APA guidelines: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and format.
  • Font and font size: Use an appropriate size and weight for a presentation, generally 24–28 points for headings and no smaller than 18 points for bulleted text.


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