Create a “Home.aspx” page that displays a welcome message for your application.

Assignment Instructions:
Modify your page from week 1 (the one with the codebehind code) to add all relevant attributes for your item. Include at least 5 attributes and at least 2 data types (example: a coin’s item name is a string and its weight is a floating point number).
Delete the page that uses inline code since the project architect insists that all pages use only code-behind code.
Create a “Home.aspx” page that displays a welcome message for your application.
Change the project’s settings to display the “Home” page when the project runs instead of the “Insert” page.
Add a “Cancel” button that will redirect to “Home.aspx” when clicked.
Add a button to “Home.aspx” called “Check System Status.” When clicked, this button will initiate a client callback to the server. The server-side method will return a string indicating that the server is online. Display this response as a JavaScript popup. Do not use a full page postback. Use a client callback.
Things to Remember:
You are making a Web Application. Not a Web Site.
ZIP and submit all files necessary to run the project. Your project architect should be able to unzip your solution, double-click on the SLN file, press F5, and run your solution.
All file paths and file references should be relative to the solution’s location. Do not use absolute file paths. These won’t be portable from machine to machine.
All items such as controls, pages, and methods should have meaningful names.
Be as efficient as possible in your code and in anticipation of code maintenance. Be modular. Use existing .NET libraries and features to your advantage. If small changes in requirements will result in big coding changes, try to figure out how to consolidate and modularize things to make maintenance easier.
If you find yourself copying and pasting code, stop and refactor. Create a method that will help modularize your code.
Don’t use inline CSS, JavaScript, etc. These slow things down and make project maintenance more difficult. Use themes, CSS files, JS files, etc. wherever possible.
All non-obvious code should be accompanied by comments telling what the code does.
Submission Instructions:
Compress the entire solution with all the files and submit it as “brianlarue items –”



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