creating leadership

The Leadership Cycle consists of five steps: (1) assessment and goal setting; (2) application of hard skills, soft skills and personality traits; (3) application of personal style; (4) use of political and negotiation skills, and (5) evaluation.

For this Discussion, you will demonstrate how the steps from the Leadership Cycle can be applied by using an example from your current organization or a setting you are familiar with. Be specific and use concrete examples.

  • Review the Leadership Cycle on page 104-119. Using concepts from the Leadership Cycle, demonstrate how these steps can be applied within your own organization. Be specific and use concrete examples.

350 words max


Achieving Competencies in Public Service: The Professional Edge

Chapter 3, “The Ethical Professional: Cultivating Scruples” (pp. 68–97)

Chapter 4, “The Consummate Professional: Creating Leadership” (98–134)

Bowman, J. S., West, J. P., & Beck, M. A. (2009).


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