critical media analysis 1

This analysis are two parts, but you only need to finish the second one which is assignment#2 Critical Media Analysis. However, these two papers are related with each other. What I did for assignment#1 was off topic, you can see my paper was horrible. There are some feedbacks and some recommendations from my TA. I bet you will understand it after you read all of them!

It was confused for me to make the thesis statement.

What I choose from UDHR is article #3

Please do some research first! I recommend JSTOR because you have to highlight the sources which you will used in the following paragraph and it on our library list!

  • Can you send me a new thesis statement through word.doc?
  • After I get reply from my TA to see whether it is good or not.
  • Then you can start work on body paragraph.
  • MLA format, intext citation are required


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