Describe why the neuroglia is “glue that holds the nervous system together.”

2. Give a brief description and a specific example of the distinct role of each division. For example, discuss the reflex response that occurs when a ball is thrown at you: Do you duck, or catch it? What divisions are responsible for sensing the ball, processing the ball coming at you, and your decision about how to respond. Finally, how do you throw the ball back?

3. Describe why the neuroglia is “glue that holds the nervous system together.” For example, these cells play an
important role specifically: concept of the blood–brain barrier and the importance of myelination, and so on. Key: do a quick search with our library database. Hint: start with GALE, under the health care resources.

4. Briefly elaborate the concept of predominantly left- or right-brained dominance, and then list some of the characteristics associated with dominance of each.

5. Name and discuss the reflexes (and their importance) used clinically to investigate disorders of the nervous system.


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