Disorder on Depression

Data Storage solution


Talk about:


Data SMUG and how it effects peoples lives (negative sides) and how we can deal with it.


Big data, brief history about the amount of data all over the world in the past and amount nowadays and the prediction of future.(provide figures)


 Data Storage solutions and how it helped to save data briefly.




Cloud storage: Advantages and disadvantages


 Direct attached storage DAS solution: Advantages and disadvantages


Storage area network SAN solution: Advantages and disadvantages.

Personal opinion:

here, you must be in favorer of SAN solution, and why it is the best solution.  

I already made a presentation about the topic you can refer to it to have a clear picture, click the link to view it http://prezi.com/tfhiewvyov_q/big-data-data-storage/ 

And use your own resources but those resources must be an online resources and you must include the web link for each resource.




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