draw network map 2

4 or more pages.

The exam is set for 2.5 hours, I want at LEAST 2.5 hours of work on this.

Suggestion – coloring coding

Part 1 – Home
Mapping out your home network

1. Every piece of network connected equipment or devices

2. Attempt to see traffic coming from a few of the devices

a. where is the traffic going to

b. what addresses is the device talking to

3. Ping, Traceroute and go to https://www.ox.ac.uk (Links to an external site.)

Part 2 – Oxford

1. Identify several networks that are carrying traffic to Oxford.

a. show each of the networks in your Internet

b. show the OSI for the Oxford web server and every port numbers and what does it means

2. Show the return of the webpage to your network

So basically drawing map from home to Oxford website including every traffic HOME>USA>OXFORD


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