econ121 db 5 minimum wage

Watch the above videos. Once you have done this click on the above link “Minimum Wage DB” and create a thread with at least two paragraphs containing the following:

  1. What are the positive aspects of raising the minimum wage according to Robert Reich? Explain.
  2. What are the negative aspects of raising the minimum wage according to John Stossel and Guest?
  3. In your opinion, which side of the argument has more merit? Substantiate your view by arguing against the points made by the opposing side.
  4. Perform an Internet search and determine the Federal, California, and San Diego minimum wage as of 2017. Will any of these be increasing in 2018? What do you believe would be the optimal minimum wage?
  5. After you post your narrative, reply to at least two other students comments. Explain why you agree, or better yet, find others that take a different position and explain why you disagree.


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