Extended Definition Essay, writing homework help

Extended Definition Essay
Plz include some grammar mistakes to take this easy.
650-700 Words
Due October 7
In your next writing assignment, you will choose a word that represents an abstract concept to define in detail.
Your essay should explain a unique opinion of the concept you chose—your definition should
differ from what others might say or vary from the simple dictionary definition.
It should also include various strategies of definition (definition by function, example, structure,
background and/or negation).
You should take into consideration:

Colloquial meaning
Related Terms

Be as specific and detailed as possible; go beyond the obvious and
give specific examples that illuminate your unique definition of the word. The final extended
definition essay should be 650-700 words, typed and in MLA format, submitted on Blackboard.

Introduction—Hook, background/context, thesis (your unique definition)
Body Paragraphs—Topic sentences, definition strategies (evidence), analysis of how your evidence
proves your thesis
Conclusion—Summarize your extended definition and highlight the ways your definition is different, leave readers with a statement of the definition’s importance—the “so what?”


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