Facial Recognition Systems

The purpose of the journal entry assignments in this course is to demonstrate that you can link specific technologies to the business side, so it is essential that your analysis focuses on linking and synthesizing information learned in this course to the greater body of knowledge related to computer-based information systems.

For this journal entry, you will analyze facial recognition systems to explain what the technology is, why it is important, its business significance, and its social and/or ethical implications. To complete this journal entry, follow these steps:

First, review the following articles before you begin writing your journal entry:

  • How Facial Recognition Systems Work
  • What Is Facial Recognition? How Computers Use Face Scan Technology to Identify Users
  • Facial Recognition 

Then, be sure to address the critical elements below, labeling each section as follows:

  • Technology Definition: Describe the technology and its industry in a concise summary.
  • Business Application(s): Explain the possible business applications of the technology, addressing the following questions: Why is this technology important or significant? How does the technology create value for businesses? What processes are improved, enhanced, or changed positively?
  • Business/Society Implication: Assess the potential implications of this technology to businesses. Consider ethical and societal impacts. This section needs to be analytical rather than descriptive.


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