femst sex love and romance 1

I need a good modification of my final paper proposal and need to add at least 250 words. I already have three bibliographies. Can you help me to better write my proposal and add words according to the guidelines?

The guideline is : “You will submit a project proposal and annotated bibliography for your final project. In this 500-word proposal, you will outline your plan for your final project: choice of medium (paper, zine, or creative video) topic, thesis, which sources from the course you plan to draw on, etc. You will also submit an annotated bibliography with a minimum of 3 sources. For each annotation, in 3-4 sentences, you will explain the main argument of the piece, how it relates to your project, and why you are using it. “

My choice of medium is paper. I will also give you the final project guidelines for you to better understand.


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