Grossmont Community College Northern Arizona Flagstaff Lumber Industry PPT

  1. Weekly Communications: Provide a Seven Weekly Commutations (175 points, 7 @ 30 points each). Formats on communications will vary from week to week dependent on the related instruction. Go to the assignment tab for directions for each week. Do Not Assume the Assignment will be the Same Format for the Entire Course. Refer to BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS TODAY for background information on the selected format.
    Each week you provide a form a communication to the CEO (Instructor) via CANVAS answering any questions or concern he may have.
    The Assignment will be:
     Brief (1-page, 12 Font, single spaced).
     Cover the key areas and objectives of the Lessons and assigned reading.
     Provide research, opportunities and to solutions for the topic given that week.
     Be in the assigned format for that week.

Assignment Rubric Points
1. Compliance with all directions, correct format following standard grammar. 50%
2. Content was logical, well written, and demonstrated adequate topic research. 25%
3. No evidence of plagiarism. All sources properly sited. 25%
Total 100%

Week 6:
Assignment Topic: Build basic Power Point format. Submit introduction slide and one content slide for approved by the CEO. A good example is in your text page 247 figure 9-13.
Format: Power Point slide in PDF format
Submit: PDF draft via CANVAS to CEO Bud Rose for approval
4. Company: Northern Arizona Lumber
5. Specialization: global fine lumber distributions company specializing in ancient wood products.
6. Company Location: Flagstaff, AZ


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