Group Case Study 1 Instructions Complete a case study of CarMax corporation in the case sectionof th

Group Case Study 1 Instructions Complete a case study of CarMax corporation in the case sectionof the text A formal, in-depth case study analysis requires you to utilizethe entire strategic management process. Assume your group is aconsulting team asked by the CarMax Corporation to analyze itsexternal/internal environment and make strategic recommendations.You must include exhibits to support your analysis andrecommendations. The case study must include these components: A total of 10–12 pages of text plus theexhibits Cover page (must include the company name, your group name, alist of the active team members, the date of submission, and areferences page; the document must follow current APAguidelines.) Matrices, which must be exhibits/attachments in the appendix andnot part of the body of the analysis (The Strategy Club hasexcellent templates/examples for exhibits and matrices: Case study deliverables (text must follow this order withcurrent APA-level headings for each component): Executive Summary Existing mission, objectives, and strategies A new mission statement (include the number of the component inparenthesis before addressing that component)
Great mission statements address these 9 components: Customers: Who are the firm’s customers? Products or services: What are the firm’s major products orservices? Markets: Geographically, where does the firm compete? Technology: Is the firm technologically current? Concern for survival, growth, and profitability: Is the firmcommitted to growth and financial soundness? Philosophy: What are the basic beliefs, values, aspirations, andethical priorities of the firm? Self-concept: What is the firm’s distinctive competence or majorcompetitive advantage? Concern for public image: Is the firm responsive to social,community, and environmental concerns? Concern for employees: Are employees a valuable asset of thefirm? Analysis of the firm’s existing business model SWOT Analysis (comes from researching the firm, industry, andcompetitors)
It is important to know the difference between causes and effectsin the SWOT analysis. Causes are important, not effects. Once theSWOT Analysis is created, each group needs to construct the SWOTBivariate Strategy Matrix.
Deliverables for this section include: SWOT Analysis Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) Matrix External Factor Evaluation (EFE) Matrix SWOT Bivariate Strategy Matrix BCG Matrix (follow the Strategy Club’s template, not thetextbook’s format) Competitive forces, Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM), andcompetitor’s ratios
Deliverables for this section include: Competitive forces analysis CPM and analysis Competitor’s ratios and analyis Current and historical Financial Statements (Income Statement(I/S), Balance Sheet (B/S) and Statement of Cash Flows) from the 3most current years for the firm
The financial statements must include changes (deltas) betweenyears. Ratios from the most current and available 3years with deltas and analysis Alternative strategies (giving advantages and alternatives foreach) QUESTION 11 Pro-Forma Financial Statements (I/S, B/S and Statement of CashFlows) with deltas out 3 years and analysis
Each year must have 2 columns: 1 with your strategy and 1 withoutyour strategy Include Pro-Forma ratios for the first year out with deltascontrasting from the most current year’s ratios. QUESTION 12 Net Present Value analysis of proposed strategy’s new cash flowand EPS/EBIT analysis
NOTE: To construct the first cash flow (cf1) at the veryminimum, the new revenue from your strategy(s) must be discountedback to the present value by calculating EBIT and that figure willbe your cfn for each year. cf0 (initial costof your strategy), cf1 (discounted cash flow firstyear), r (opportunity cost of capital, the rate of the next bestalternative use of cash/debt/equity resources).. a. NPV=-〖cf〗_0+〖cf〗_1/(1+r)^1 +〖cf〗_2/(1+r)^2 +〖cf〗_3/(1+r)^3 …〖cf〗_n/(1+r)^n Specific recommended strategy and long term objectives
Explain why you chose the strategy, and discuss how much thestrategy will cost to implement and how much new revenue yourstrategy will create. Include your action timetable agenda foraccomplishing your strategy. Proposed new business model             theexternal financials documents are: I WAS ASSIGNED QUESTIONS 11 AND 12 . . .



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