Health and Illness in Modem Health Care

The fourth step toward becoming CULTURALLYCOMPETENT is to begin to understand the politics of the
modern health care delivery system and to develop an increased awareness of the iatrogenic, historical,
economic, and social issues inherent in the delivery of modern health care. The issues related to this dilemma
are complex and constantly changing. However, it is certainly possible to begin to view the health care system
through the eyes of the patient and understand the patient’s point of view.
There are countless resources for increasing your understanding of the “culture” of health care providers and
the health care delivery system.
Answer the following:

  1. There are countless problems inherent in health care that effects all of us. Select three of the problems, and
    describe their parameters and how they have related to you.
  2. What is the path a patient follows through the health care system when a health problem occurs? What are
    the problems that the person encounters? What interventions may remediate these issues?

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The post Health and Illness in Modem Health Care first appeared on nursing writers.


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