hist 1301 23011 quiz

Quiz based on Chapter 6-10 of your textbook. Type up ALL of your responses into a Microsoft Word document and submit it to this link. I expect 100-200 words for each response

Quiz Questions:

For Chapter 6:

1. What role did the Founding Fathers see for religion to play within American government and society?

2. How did revolutionary America impact the roles and rights of women in American society?

For Chapter 7:

3. Summarize the pro-Constitution arguments of the Federalists.

4. Summarize the anti-Constitution arguments of the Anti-Federalists.

For Chapter 8:

5. How did the French Revolution and resulting world conflict impact the early U.S.?

6. How did the Haitian Revolution impact the U.S.?

For Chapter 9:

7. How did westward expansion and the market revolution drive each other?

8. How did the Second Great Awakening impact the market revolution?

For Chapter 10:

9. What caused the Panic of 1837 and how did it impact the U.S.?

10. Why did Martin Van Buren believe that political parties were a desirable part of public life?


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