history 2 essay

You will write an essay that explores the given topic, one of the two listed below. It should be a complete essay, including an introduction, a conclusion, and evidence paragraphs, in the traditional 5 or 6 paragraph format. I will be expecting clear and specific examples from class to support your ideas.


Who started the Cold War? What actions did the USA take that contributed to the tension?

What was their motivation? What actions did the USSR take that contributed to the tension? What

was their motivation? Was the Cold War avoidable?


The Cold War had a profound effect on America over more than 40 years, not just in foreign

policy but in domestic affairs as well. Explain some of these changes the conflict brought about in

social, economic, and political terms.

Use the following terms to study for the exam. The ID terms will be drawn directly from this list,

while studying the terms and their connections to one another will assist you in the other portions

of the exam:


Chinese Exclusion Act

Late-19th Century


Labor Unions

People’s Party

Spanish-American War



World War I

League of Nations

The 1st Red Scare

Harlem Renaissance

Great Depression

New Deal


World War II

Japanese Internment

The “Iron Curtain”

the “Long Telegram”

Domino Theory

Marshall Plan

Mutually Assured Destruction


Korean War

GI Bill of Rights

Montgomery Bus Boycotts

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Cuban Missile Crisis

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

Vietnam War Protests


Kent State Massacre

Richard Nixon

The Silent Majority



Iran Hostage Crisis

The Great Communicator /

Teflon President

Iran-Contra Affair

The “Evil Empire”


Fall of the Berlin Wall

Dissolving of the Soviet


Saddam Hussein

The First Gulf War


Bill Clinton

Election of 2000

Al Queda

The War on Terror

Bush Doctrine


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