homework assignment leadership in hospitality

Part 1 – Core Values

Core values are the principles you use to make decisions, set goals, live life, etc… You’re core values should be expressed in everything you do and should never be compromised.

Please identify 3–5 core values and write a brief description explaining why each of them have meaning to you.

Part 2 – Personal Vision Statement

Your personal vision statement should take your core values into consideration and is used to address the following 2 areas:

  • What you want to be
  • What you want to achieve

Creating a personal vision statement allows you to effectively develop goals and identify tactics and strategies to achieve your goals and vision down the line.

Your vision statement will range in length depending on what you are striving for, but please write it out in paragraph format, not bullets.

Part 3 – SMART Goals

Please develop a set of SMART goals that will help you achieve your vision. These goals may be short-term goals, mid-range goals, long-term goals, or a combination of the three.

Remember that SMART goals are:

  • (S)pecific
  • (M)easurable
  • (A)ttainable
  • (R)elevant
  • (T)imely

You may present your goals as a bulleted list.

Part 4 – Tactics/Strategies

Tactics and strategies are things you can be doing today, tomorrow, and in the future to achieve your goals.

Please select at least 2 of the goals you have listed above and identify at least 3 tactics/strategies you can use to help you achieve each of the goals you have selected.

Part 5 – Motivators

We are all motivated to keep working and pushing to achieve our goals, and ultimately our overall personal vision. There are times, however, where we all have things to do that we may not feel like doing. In times like these, what motivates you to keep on working?

Please list at least 2 things that help to motivate you to achieve your goals and personal vision, especially when times are tough. You may present your motivators as a bulleted list.

Part 6 – Cuts/Escapes

Everybody needs to cut from their busy schedules and the stress that can result from feeling overwhelmed to achieve harmony and balance in life. For many people, these are hobbies or outside interests in which they engage enthusiastically.

Please list at least 2 things you do to unwind, reduce stress, etc… You may present your cuts/escapes as a bulleted list.


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