Homework due Sunday

Create an evaluation plan for your chosen scenario in Appendix B that analyzes the program for process and outcome evaluations.

This assignment enables students to understand the purpose of an evaluation plan for a human services program. In the process of creating their own program-specific evaluation plan, students must conceptualize the necessary elements of a typical plan and determine which evaluation approach is appropriate for a given program.

For this assignment you are to create an actual evaluation plan for your selected program from Appendix B, completing all the sections in the plan as they are outlined below. Please review Chapter 4 in our readings as it describes what should be included in each section of the evaluation plan. You will be following the format of the Objective Oriented evaluation plan for this assignment.


Follow the format below for your evaluation plan and USE THESE SECTION HEADINGS to denote each section in your plan.


1. Community need

2. Activity or service to be implemented

3. Desired result

4. Indicators (elements to be measured/collected)

5. Method of measurement

6. Type of instrument to be used

7. Minimum level of success the program hopes to achieve

8. The implementation steps

    A. Who is going to collect the data?

             B. When will the data be collected (dates/timeline)?

             C. Who will be responsible for aggregating and analyzing    

                  the data?

              D. Who will be responsible for completing and publishing

                   the final evaluation report?



Please be sure to include both Process and Outcome Evaluation approaches in your evaluation plan.


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Your paper mustbe700 to 1,050-words in length.


Post your paper as an attachment in your Assignments Section.


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