i need help with my drug cards?

I’m doing a drug card assignment using flashcards for all those 10 words. i need to write in the flashcard about the labeled uses, unlabeled uses, action, normal dose ranges, side effects, lab monitoring, and nursing considerations for each of the words. you must answer all of them.. i need the answers so i can write it in flashcards.

1) Gentamicin

2) Cephalexin

3) Ceftriaxone

4) Azithromycin

5) Ciprofloxacin

6) Vancomycin

7) Clindamycin

8) Sulfamethoxazole & Trimethoprim

9) Rifampin

10) Isoniazid

instructions: for each of the drugs, please answer the following.

labeled uses:

Unlabeled Uses


Normal Dose ranges:

Side effects:

Lab Monitoring:

Nursing Considerations:

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