Identifying Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Identifying Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

The business world continually evolves and expands, and in order for managers to be successful they must be able to effectively work with an increasingly diverse workforce. This ability requires a conscious effort and commitment. The key is self-awareness—understanding one’s own approach to dealing with those who differ from yourself—and striving to continually improve.

TWI, a management consulting firm, identifies seven different competencies that are critical for working effectively with a diverse population (TWI, 2011). These include:

  • Openness to Difference—willing to learn about other cultures and lifestyles
  • Equitable Opportunity—making decisions based on merit and talent only
  • Accommodation—being flexible and creative when addressing issues across/among different cultures
  • Dignity and Respect—being open in communication and valuing all opinions and contributions
  • Commitment to Diversity—participating in programs to learn about and promote diversity
  • Knowledge of Diversity—engaging in positive behaviors that demonstrate an understanding of cultural differences
  • Change Management—being a change agent for positive approaches to valuing diversity

To prepare for this Discussion, take a few minutes and do a self-evaluation on how you would rate your abilities in these seven different competencies. What areas are your strengths? In which areas do you need improvement? In particular, focus on how you can further improve your strengths and determine strategies to manage or address your weaknesses. Identify one of the core competencies that you need to personally strengthen, and find an article in the library that would provide guidance in this area.

Now post your answer and to the following:

  • Describe what you discovered about yourself through your self- assessment and how what you have learned could help you become a better manager. As part of your post, outline how you see the seven core competencies affecting the way you address the challenges of managing a diverse workplace. Summarize the article you located and briefly outline a plan for improving yourself in this area.

All work in APA Format with proper Citing


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Toor, S., & Ofori, G. (2008). Leadership versus management: How they are different and why. Leadership and Management in Engineering, 8(2), 61–71.

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