Implementation of a Treatment Plan

One of the goals for this module is to critique the components and effective implementation of a treatment plan. Once you have read the weekly material listed on the Module’s Lesson page, I would like you to develop a treatment plan. Remember, someone seeing a copy of the treatment plan may not have access to the rest of the case file. As a result, this plan needs to be comprehensive with regard to diagnoses, strengths, needs and supporting comments.

The following are links to several videos of clients being interviewed:

  • Molly (12 minutes)
  • Mrs. Anderson (14 minutes)
  • Lauren (17 minutes)
  • Amanda (15 minutes)

Select one of these videos and, using this Module 6 Treatment or Goal Service Plan document, develop a detailed and comprehensive treatment or goal service plan for the client including boths strengths and needs as well as DSM diagnosis codes. This form is based on Appendix C of the text (pp. 454-486). Review the grading rubric for this assignment and attach it to the end of


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