In this module, you will be completing a post-experience write-up.

Week 4

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Module 4 – Case
Legal and Ethical Implications of Cross-Cultural Leadership
Case Assignment
In this module, you will be completing a post-experience write-up. This paper should be about 6 pages long. The purpose of this write-up is to reflect on the experience as specifically related to the concepts in this course: CQ, the components of CQ, and CQ development. It is important to fully describe both your successes and failures at building CQ capacity. The ability to recognize failure can provide valuable insights and growth. If developing one component of CQ is more difficult for you than others, it is not unusual. For example, you may understand cultural differences (cognitive) and be highly motivated to learn to lead in cross-cultural environments (motivation), but find yourself unable to change your leadership style to fit the cultural circumstances (action). Perfection is not the goal of this course—that can take years of practice. What is a more realistic goal is to become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses and make progress toward becoming more culturally competent by building on your strengths and shoring up your weaknesses.
Assignment Expectations
Your post-experience write-up should include the following:
1. Assess the quality of the cultural experience as related to the assignment expectations (see Module 2)
2. Provide a rich qualitative description of the cultural experience.
3. Clearly and accurately relate your experience to the key concepts of the course:
· Cognitive (CQ Knowledge): awareness, self-awareness, knowledge
· Motivation (CQ Drive): perseverance related to cultural interaction
· Metacognitive (CQ Strategy): active control over thinking and using cultural knowledge (e.g., questioning assumptions and/or stereotypes)
· Action (CQ Action): ability to adjust or adapt behavior
1. Assess your effectiveness in personally applying CQ concepts (honest and critical analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, successes and difficulties).
2. Describe how what you learned through this exercise can improve your performance as a leader.
3. Use professional-quality writing.
Module 4 – SLP
Legal and Ethical Implications of Cross-Cultural Leadership
The SLP for this module involves a self-assessment on ethics. Begin by completing this interactive ethics assessment . Then, in your weekly journal, reflect on the following questions:
1. What was your score on this assessment?
2. What did the feedback following the assessment reveal about your patterns of ethical decision making?
3. How is this instrument “culture bound”? How would the answers be different in a particularist culture?
4. What other insights have you gained about your role as a leader in making ethical decisions in a cross-cultural situation?
SLP Assignment Expectations
· The journal is a cumulative document—you turn in all previous entries with each module.
· Include the results from the assessment in your journal.
· Each module should add 2–3 pages to the journal.
· The journal should be thoughtful and insightful, integrating learnings from the assessment with other activities in the module and course.
· The format for the journal is less formal than academic papers (e.g., you can use the first person), but you should use headings to organize your thoughts and guide the reader and cite any sources where you are using information, data, or text from an outside source.
· Any references should be prepared in APA format in a combined reference list at the end of the journal.
· Your journal should be edited and error-free.
· Submit your finished paper to TLC by the assignment due date.

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