liver abnormalities in celiac disease – custom papers

Topic: liver abnormalities in celiac disease
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1. Introduction
1.1. Celiac disease
1.2. Definition
1.3. Types
1.4. Signs and Symptoms
1.5. Gluten nature
1.6. Role of gliadin in celiac disease
1.7. Current approach treatment
1.8. Absorption and metabolism in celiac disease
1.9. Immunity in Celiac disease
2. Liver abnormalities in celiac patients
2.1. Role of inflammation in celiac disease
2.2. Mechanism of liver abnormalities
2.3. Liver histology in celiac patients
2.4. Elevation of liver enzymes in presence of celiac disease
3. Importance of drug transporters and CYP enzymes
3.1. overview of transporters
3.2. importance and significance of drug transporters
3.3. Role of transporters and CYP enzymes in celiac disease
4. Simvastatin
4.1. Mechanism of action
4.2. Uses
4.3. Side effects
4.4. Drug-drug interaction
4.5. Metabolism method


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