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Watch the 0:57 minute video by Jeff Ansell ( ***I can provide user and password to watch it***

Directions :

The written essay should be typed using Microsoft Word, include 300 words and be double-spaced. Header information (name, course name and date is not included in the 300 words). Your essay should provide an analysis of how the video information overlaps with our course material and how it can impact your effectiveness as a manager/leader in a healthcare organization. Do not recount the video, but use points/situations in the video to illustrate identified issues and their impact. You should have at least 2 references OTHER than the video to support your assertions, the video will be the third reference. References can include the class textbook, lecture notes, and any other sources you find during your research activities for each lesson. References are to be listed at the end of your paper. And APA 6th edition formatting. No title page or abstract are required.

I provided our powerpoint incase you need it.


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