major paper 4

Choose one of the three topics below and conduct research on “best-practices” in the area. In your analysis review both academic and trade publications. See the posted example for specific guidance on format. A best-practice analysis summarizes what is considered by the experts to be the most effective, efficient, ethical and moral means for producing high performance. Your analysis should provide specific examples to support the elements and principles of your best-practice model. Make sure that your best practices are legally defensible and be sure to identify statues and/or case law that support those best practices. Discuss how the model specifically integrates and reinforces Christian business principles. Provide a minimum of 15 references with a maximum length of 2800 – 3000 words with APA format and in-text Citation and also add 4-5 Biblecal verses.

Topic Areas:

  1. Disciplinary systems
  2. Termination procedures
  3. Employee privacy protection


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