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Criteria”, and “Information for students: Phase 1 : Situation Analysis & SWOT” . For this assignment should be presented in the form of a business report. And we are writing this report for my CEO/Board/General Manager/etc. – it is an internal document.
Those three document are very important. Have a look please. Basically, you just need to follow all those instruction that I given and to write this assessment. For the selection firm I think I will go for (The Henry Jones Art Hotel – “First class Hobart accommodation”: Everything is from Assessment Overview. You can just copy the link and paste it then you can see the hotel website. I’m studying in Tasmania,Hobart so probably will go for this Hotel firm. I’m not local student and I am international student plus I new to Tasmania.
The Information for students: Phase 1 : Situation Analysis & SWOT are very important. Just follow the point. I highlighted in Yellow colour are the most important point but actually everything are important.
Try to cover most important factor for the situation analysis. Summarise in the table for the a.) Competition under The External Environment. The external environment have few factors, but not every factors we need to include, because some of those factor are not related to our firm that I chosen. But if those factors are related to Henry Jones Art Hotel then can include all those factors.
For example, under The Customer Environment: b. Why (and how) do customers select the firm’s products? Then I did highlighted in red colour and my tutor said that’s not important so can don’t need to include it. But it is depends for which Firm.


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