Measurement, Validity, and Reliability Informed consent


Informed consent is a standard part of research studies. As part of the IRB application process, researchers create a sample consent form that is submitted with their study protocol. This consent form will be used with participants to inform them of the study and, once the study has been explained, the participants will sign the informed consent form. As part of the process, the informed consent form needs to include a description of what the study involves, including risks and benefits, if the study is confidential, and how the study data is used.

The Unit 3 Assignment will include two parts; the consent form and the paper. Both parts should be presented in the following manner with a title, introduction, conclusion, and reference page. Submit the assignment as multiple attachments including the following:

 1-2 page paper in a Word documentCompleted Informed Consent Form

Using the template provided, create a sample informed consent form to conduct a study of interest to you (you can create a study from a topic you have discussed in prior weeks, but this is not required). The goal is to create a draft of an informed consent form similar to that which a researcher would submit to an IRB board for review. Discuss in 1–2 pages how you would design this study to adhere to ethical guidelines. Be sure to include the five ethical principles and how your study will conform to them. Discuss one or two ethical issues that could arise during your study and how you would respond to these issues, as a researcher. Be sure to operationally define your variables and state what scales of measurement would be used, including description of why that scale was chosen.


Writing Requirements and Guidelines


Your Assignment should include:Cover page

Provide your name, title of Assignment, course and unit number, and date


Complete the Unit 3 Informed Consent Template including 1–2 pages on how you would design this study to adhere to ethical guidelines.

Reference list

Sources in APA format

You must use your text and 2 additional sources Assignment Guidelines




Title of Study:

Name of Study Investigator:


You are being asked to participate in a study on:




The purpose of this study is:





If you agree to be part of the research study, you will be asked to:









Possible risk or discomfort associated with this study is:





Possible benefit from this study is:





What will happen to the information collected in the study (address confidentiality):






If you have questions during the course of the study:






If you change your mind about being in the study:




By signing this document, you are agreeing to be in the study. You will be given a copy of this

document for your records and one copy will be kept with the study records. Be sure that questions you have about the study have been answered and that you understand what you

are being asked to do. 



I agree to participate in the study.


_____________________________________ ____________________



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