mens health 1

The purpose of this activity is to reflect on and identify your potential risk factors for diseases and identify strategies that promote healthy lifestyles. While many of these health risks are the same for women, the focus of this course is men’s health. Therefore, women taking this course should ask a male to complete the assessment.

  1. Review the variables and complete the Sample Health Risk Assessment.
  2. Write a 3–5 page paper addressing the areas identified in the grading rubric below for this activity.

Grading Criteria

Points Allocated

Points Earned

  1. Describe your total HRA score and the total score for each category (e.g., physical activity, nutrition, general health).

  1. Discuss results.
  • What do you think the overall score means for you? Did it surprise you?
  • Which category score was the highest and which one was the lowest? Did that surprise you?

  1. Describe 3 positive behaviors you identified. How can they be enhanced? Provide at least 2 web resources with information to support your answer.

  1. Describe 3 behaviors you identified that could use improvement. How can they be improved? Provide at least 2 web resources with information to support your answer.

APA, Grammar, and Organization:

  • Uses correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.
  • Correct use of APA style.





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