mgmt 280 week 3 response

I need to reply to this in 300-400 words with 2 sources in A.P.A. format

In-N-Out Business Strategy

In-N-Out Burger as a franchise has developed a business strategy which consist of growing slowly, yet steadily (Cafferky, 2012, p. 587). After reading the case study on In-N-Out, I can conclude the restaurant’s leadership values quality, precision, and loyalty. My assumption is their strategy is slow to insure they make the right decisions and are successful in all they do. If the company rushed it could lead to a decrease in the company’s quality. Slow and steady wins the race. In 2006, the plan was for In-N-Out to open 10 to 12 stores a year for the next five years. I believe this franchise is wise to continue to grow, yet in increments. Some negatives to this strategy in the long-term is this restaurant could be choked out of existence. As other restaurant franchises grow quickly and move across the nation and into other countries. In-N-Out’s niche of simplicity and quality could be lost in the rapid development of competitors. However, I believe this will not be a huge problem for In-N-Out Burger. It may be wise for their leadership to investigate ways to prevent this from happening. A business strategy must be effective and efficient, yet hard-to-imitate (Teece, 2010, p. 180). In-N-Out Burger, has a hard strategy to overcome by the quality they hold in their product which, so many competitors rarely think about. Competitors in the fast-food industry often have plans for fast, cheap, and easy. In-N-Out has none of these qualities in their business strategy.

Cody Billups


Cafferky, M. E. (2012). Management a faith-based perspective. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.

Teece, D. J. (2010). Business models, business strategy and innovation. Long Range Planning, 43(2), 172-194. doi:10.1016/j.lrp.2009.07.003


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