micro economics assignment 1

Read the article on trade-offs experienced by mothers. Although written many years ago, it is still relevant. “Mother’s Economic Trade-offs” Click for more options

This is the First Discussion in Module 1 (DM1). The original response should be in by Thursday and the responses by Saturday.

  1. Discuss which ‘trade-offs’ mentioned in the article “Mother’s Economic Trade-Offs” resonated with you, and why, and comment on the trade offs you experience in your own life. Find an article on the Internet that talks about trade-offs. The article or news item can be one that discusses trade-offs at the national, local or personal levels. Give a brief synopsis of the article you found. (Post this as Original Post by Thursday.

You must give (a) the date you retrieved your article and (b) the link to the website. (How to look for information on the Internet, please read below**)

b. Respond to two classmates by Saturday, May 26th. Make sure you formulate good, thoughtful responses that add to the discussion.

**One of the most important aspects of economics is to be able to differentiate facts from fiction. To be able to differentiate between “Positive Economics” and “Normative Economics” (Look up the terms in your Microeconomics textbook). Do Not Include the First Article You Find on Google. You will find millions of Internet articles on economic issues. There are tons of pundits who have all the answers. We want to hear only from the experts. Academic economists, economic Journalists and others who have studied the issues, have worked to shape public policy and have working knowledge of the principles of economics. They may not have solutions and their opinions may not coincide but we can be fairly confident that they can support their arguments with data (and challenge others for faulty data).

The American Economic Association helps maintain a host of blogs written by eminent scholars. Use this as a resourc


You can also use reputable newspapers and business publications. For your grade your source is as important as your response.

Please remember that you have to
a. Write a response for these questions. Include references for the first question. If a source is from the Internet, include the date it was retrieved. Your subject line for response should say, D1M1. Original Response. This response has to be posted by Thursday.
b. You will also respond (talk) to at least two other students. Subject line should have the name of the person with whom you are talking, e.g. Comment to Jane or if responding to Jane’s question, Response to Jane.
Respond after all the original posts are in. Formulate your responses carefully and keep the rubric in mind.
See the documents, “Instructions for Discussions” and “How You will be Evaluated.”‘

assignment 2

Please answer the following questions

-Why do you believe the approval ratings of Congress is so low?

-What could/should the Congress do to improve its approval rating?

-What are your thoughts about Congress?

Please submit and have INTERACTIONS with your on-line classmates


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