need irac format summaries on international business case studies

Need a 1 – 2 page summary for the following business case studies each in IRAC format. IRAC, i.e. Issue (basis of the case), Response (of the parties in the case/Relevance/Recommendations (of the student), Application (to the issue or problem raised and the different options out there) and Conclusion (Analysis of the company’s response and well as your recommendations Thus, to expand on the above , the IRAC categories are the main “headings” of your written case summary and under the “IRAC” categories are sub-headings that may take the following forms, e.g. Basis of the case/Pertinent issues (Issue), Analysis of the fact pattern in the case (Response), alternative options prescribed (Application), Predicted, Possible, and Desired Outcomes (Conclusion) etc. must be part of the case summary.

  • Corruption in international business (a) & (b) (1 – 2 Page)
  • Diesel gate – heavy fumes exhausting the Volkswagen group (1 – 2 Page)
  • Tesla: internationalization from Singapore to china (1 – 2 Page)
  • Yahoo! In china (a) (1 – 2 Page)
  • Gillette Singapore: managing global business integration on the ground up (1 – 2 Page)


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